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ACLs refer to POSIX Access Control Lists, which are used to define more fine-grained discretionary access rights for files and directories.

Every object can be thought of as having associated with it an ACL that governs the discretionary access to that object; this ACL is referred to as an access ACL. In addition, a directory may have an associated ACL that governs the initial access ACL for objects created within that directory; this ACL is referred to as a default ACL.

An ACL consists of a set of ACL entries. An ACL entry specifies the access permissions on the associated object for an individual user or a group of users as a combination of read, write and search/execute permissions.

How to install

Connect to Webmin :

Login as root

Go to Webmin Configuration

Go to Webmin Modules

Select Install Module From Local File

Enter the name of the module file (for example: /tmp/webmin-fsacls-0.5.3.wbm.gz)

Press Install Module

The module should now appear in Webmin configuration menus.

How to authorize a user

Connect to Webmin :

Login as root

Go to Webmin Users

Select Create a new Webmin User

Fill in the user's info

The user should now be able to connect to Webmin.


ACLs make sense only if


All operations carried out by Webmin are run as root.

All ACLs operations do not change the Unix/Linux user-owner and owner-group.

The ACLs displayed are the effective ACLs, after application of the mask.

The default ACLs that appear for folders (directories) are those that apply to newly created objects (files or subfolders) within this folder.

Recursively applying the ACLs means they are recursively applied to all the files and subfolders within a folder.
Navigator must support DOM (as of NS 6.0, IE5).

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PYTK-FSACLS (a GUI to ACL management in Python-Tkinter): http://pytk-fsacls.sourceforge.net




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Add groups